The Admiralty Bay Benthos Biodiversity Database

Admiralty Bay

Antarctic with the Admiralty Bay (red point)

The maritime Antarctic coastal ecosystem of Admiralty Bay, King George Island, has been investigated for more than two decades mostly by Polish, Brazilian, Belgian and German teams. In addition, Admiralty Bay was selected as one key-site for the SCAR EASIZ programme 1994-2004.
These reasons prompted the project to build, in close connection with the Antarctic Marine Biodiversity Reference Centre project, the “Admiralty Bay Benthos Biodiversity Database” (conceptual scheme available on another page).
It is a cooperative Belgian-Polish project involving Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences (IRScNB-KBIN), Belgium, and University of Lodz, Poland.
It aims at collecting and organising the diverse information about the benthos biodiversity and ecology, the benthic environment and other pertinent benthos-related biological and physical data. Priority groups are the malacostracan crustaceans (in particular amphipods, cumaceans, tanaids), polychaetes, echinoderms (ophiurids) and benthic diatoms.

Gnatiphimedia fuchsi (Amphipod) Asteroid

Polychaete Cumacean

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