research in Antarctica

The Laboratory is involved, since the 70's, in the study of the Crustaceans of the Southern Ocean.

Members of the team have participated in more than 15 campaigns in different areas of the Antarctic and Subantarctic regions (Weddell Sea, Scotia Arc, Queen Maud Land, South Shetland Islands, Tierra del Fuego, Kerguelen Islands).

Research on Crustaceans has been focussed on different topics:

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Most of the research projects were carried out in co-operation with different foreign Institutions:

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Alfred Wegener Institut

British Antarctic Survey

Polish Academy of Sciences
Dept. Antarctic Biology

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University of Lodz
Dept. Polar Biology
& Oceanobiology
University of Hamburg
Zoological Museum

Most of the field work could be performed thanks to the hospitality of foreign infrastructures:

Research conducted by the Laboratory in Antarctica enters the framework of various national and international programmes:

Besides the field research, the Laboratory has published a checklist of the Amphipods of the Southern Ocean, available on line, with exhaustive bibliography.

It also coordinates a network of Taxonomists specialized on Antarctic Amphipods.

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The Laboratory, for its present Antarctic research (project "Ecofunctional biodiversity of benthic crustacean taxocoenoses in the Southern Ocean") , is funded by ANTAR IV, the Belgian scientific research programme on the Antarctic, managed by the Belgian Federal Office for Scientific, Technical and Cultural Affairs (OSTC).


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